Can't stop until He's finished!!!
Written by Ron Haggerty Jr.
whole·heart·ed adjective \ˈhōl-ˈhär-təd\: having or showing no doubt or uncertainty about doing something, supporting someone, etc.

Ephesians 6:7 Amplified Bible (AMP)7 Rendering service readily with goodwill, as to the Lord and not to men

I know you probably heard that you only live once.  Live life to the fullest.  Do it to death.  Have no regrets and many different saying in the time that you have been  on earth.  The only problem is some of us don't know what we should be doing!  Should I do this or should I do that?  These are the questions that we struggle with over a lifetime.  Some people have a hard time focusing on one thing and then some people have so much that they focus on.  Have you ever thought about doing all that you do in life wholeheartedly?  I mean really just think how far you would go!  The problem I see a lot of people having is giving there all and feeling it's not paying off.  One thing we can't ignore even though we try is wanting to be appreciated or be apart of something.  We want to be somebody that anybody can look up too or we just want to be popular.  The problem with that is there is a time for everything!  When you don't value your time you waste it.  Waste it trying to get more instead of being content with what you have.  You look at others and expect the same reward for the service you do.  You value success in what you have instead of true relationships that money can not buy.

Today, I just want to challenge everyone that reads this!  God has a purpose and plan for your life.  No matter what you are doing learn to be content and do whatever you do wholeheartedly as unto the Lord.  I know you may feel that there is more stuff to go after in life and that may be true but right now do whatever your doing wholeheartedly as unto the Lord.  There are seasons in life for everyone and with seasons there are opportunities.  Thank God for the season you are in right now and the opportunities God has blessed you to have.  Even in sickness God allowed you to live on.  Even in hurt God allowed you to heal.  Even being mistreated God allowed you to forgive.  Even when there was no hope for your situation God made a way.  God deserves your best and no matter what you do...DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY AS UNTO THE LORD!