Can't stop until He's finished!!!
Written by Ron Haggerty Jr

Believe and attack unbelief by admitting it’s there!  A lot of times it’s easy to say I believe with your mouth.  The hardest thing to do is to put action into what you believe!  Just think a lot of people believe in others more than they do themselves.  I know that it seems that you are not this and your are not that.  You were not raised with this and you did not have those opportunities as others.  But still, there is something in you that can only be produced by you and you alone.  Do you believe you have purpose?  Do you believe that what’s inside of you will affect someone else in a positive way?  Do you believe that all you have to do is be yourself?  Do you believe you are important?  Let me answer that for you.  Yes, you are very important!  You have to recognize that self can be your biggest enemy.  First, you have to overcome self to become productive in what you believe in.  Second, you must put action to what you believe in.  Third, after you have done those two things then it is time for God to produce on your behalf!  Only He can bring the real fruit of your belief to pass.  That takes daily trusting in the Lord and daily attacking that unbelief.  No, every day won’t be great mentally and physically but still you must press on one day at a time!  Actions speak louder than words so let your actions match your words!  Just believe!