Can't stop until He's finished!!!
Written by Ron Haggerty Jr.


Please let my works be produced by faith, my labor prompted by love

and endurance inspired by hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord,

help me to be a believer to be modeled.  Lord, let me please You and

not men.  Lord, help me not to look for praise from men.  Lord,

help me to be gentle, encouraging, comforting and urging others

to live lives worthy of God who calls us into His Kingdom.  Lord, please

let my love increase and overflow for others.  Lord, please create in me a

clean heart and renew in me a right spirit so that I will be blameless and

holy in Your presence.

In Jesus name,




08/30/2016 11:23pm

Prayer is one of my source of strength as it gives me the energy, power,confidence and the urge to continue my life here on our planet, it helps me surpass my every trial and i remember that whenever i pray from the buttom of my heart, and i have a deep and big faith that my prayer will be answered, waiting is one of the factors but at the end of the day, my prayer is answered

02/05/2017 11:32pm

Good prayer from you! I hope God will hear you!

03/09/2017 8:00am

Wow, this prayer is amazing. I am very touched by this prayer right now.


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